Master Erica Tierney – Jion

Master Erica Tierney, 5th dan and instructor at AmKor Karate Institutes of Aston, competes with Jion at the 2013 US Goodwill Association Nationals in Connecticut. Master Tierney finished in first place in the Mens Masters’ division. Master Tierney has also placed first in forms and weapons and also Grand Champion in both divisions at other major events such as 2014 UK Open Championships in Cardiff, Wales hosted by Master John Trudgill of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation. Master Tierney will be returning to Cardiff to compete at the UK Open Championships on April 25th, 2015.

Check back often for more videos and demonstrations of our AmKor Karate Institutes students and instructors competing at national and international events.

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Master Campagnini is a 5th degree black belt under KJN Frederick Scott. He started with KJN Scott in 1992 has been the head instructor of AmKor Karate of Coatesville since 2013.

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