Our Schools

  • AmKor Karate Institutes of Aston / KJN Frederick Scott and Master Erica Tierney
  • AmKor Karate Institutes of Bryn Mawr / Master David Kremin
  • AmKor Karate Institutes of Coatesville / Master Michael Campagnini
  • AmKor Karate Institutes of Collegeville / Master Brian Matys
  • AmKor Karate Institutes of Ebensburg / Master Jeff Michkofsky
  • AmKor Karate Institutes of Upper Darby / Master Samuel Wallace
  • New Schools AmKor Karate Institutes of Wayne / Mr. Daniel Marino

"KJN Frederick Scott is recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the leading American instructors of traditional Tang Soo Do, Master Scott’s achievements as a competitor, instructor and tournament coordinator are well documented."

AmKor Karate Institutes was founded in 1977 by Kwan Jang Nim Frederick Scott. Under Master Scott’s direction, AmKor Karate Institutes has earned an outstanding reputation for high quality instruction and competitive excellence. Although Master Scott’s teaching philosophy has always emphasized the preservation of Tang Soo Do as an art form, he believes traditional training can be supplemented with sport competition. As a result, AmKor Karate students have won more than 400 National and 50 International Gold medals since 1977 and have represented the United States in the some of the most prestigious Martial Arts competitions in the world. AmKor Karate has fielded teams to compete in Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Puerto Rico, and Malaysia. Master Scott and his students have been featured in Black Belt Magazine, Karate Illustrated, Tae Kwon Do Times, and Combat.


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