2015 UK Open Championships Results

2015 UK Open Championships Results

This year AmKor Karate sent a small team over to the 2015 UK Open Championships hosted by Master John Trudgill of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation in Cardiff, Wales. The three person team consisted of Master Erica Tierney and Ms. Erinn Tobin of AmKor Karate Aston and Mr. Griffin Allen of AmKor Karate Collegeville (www.amkorkaratec.com).

The 2015 UK Open Championships continues to be one of the largest Tang Soo Do events in the world, attracting over 1,100 competitors from around the world. The team left with a combined 7 gold medals, 2 Grand Champions, and 2 bronze medals.

[blockquote author="Master John Trudgill"]Our goal for the 2015 United Kingdom Open Tournament remains the same: to create a fair and equitable competition, free of political bias, favouritism or preconception, where each competitor is judged impartially on their individual abilities; not on their federations or associations. To show that Tang Soo Do practitioners display honour and integrity, that we can put aside any differences and show UNITY. To show the world that Tang Soo Do has become a mature and fully functioning martial arts community, worthy of international respect.[/blockquote]

Competitor Event / Place
Master Erica Tierney, 5th dan Gold in Forms, Gold Open/Chil Sung Forms, Bronze in Weapons, Bronze in Fighting, Grand Champion in Forms
Ms. Erinn Tobin, 3rd dan Gold in Forms, Gold in Fighting
Mr. Griffin Allen, 3rd dan Gold in Forms, Gold in Open/Chil Sung Forms, Gold in Weapons, Grand Champion in Weapons

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